YELLOW TULIP finecutdelivery


13.500 Ft

A Turkish love letter.

Tulip bulbs are grown in virtually all colors, including a purple so deep that it looks black. And by planting a selection of varieties of this perennial, you can enjoy their beauty from early spring through early summer.
Just as in the seventeenth-century tulipmania, when the fervent desire for fancy tulips seized wealthy speculators in a bubble market, today the world turns to Dutch auctioneers for buying and selling their prized blooms.
Back in the 18th century, a “Turkish love letter” required no ink or paper. It consisted of a small purse containing several objects. Each represented a different word or phrase, so the purse might contain a pearl mixed with cloves, a tulip, a piece of soap, coal, and a straw.

The tulip is a short stem: 25-35 cm
A finecut is made up of 25 stems

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