YELLOW BUTTERCUP finecutdelivery


13.500 Ft

Many playful busy bees!

Buttercup is an extreme example of a plant with reflective petals, as their surfaces almost as shiny as those from a high-gloss wax applied to a prized ca. The genus Ranunculus has about six hundred species.
Its glossy petals are shinier than most others in the plant world, so shiny that if you hold a buttercup under your chin, it will reflect its yellow glow onto your skin—as you may remember from your childhood, when lore had it that if your chin turned yellow, it meant you liked butter.
Bees, like children, are drawn to the specular reflections and highly directional sheen of buttercup petals.

The buttercup is a short stem: 25-35 cm
A finecut is made up of 25 stems

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