18.500 Ft

Big, brash beauty.

Let the blossom be your guide. A lily flower would be ideal: it is readily available, with parts big enough to be seen without a magnifying glass, and it’s not coy about sharing the secrets of its sexuality. Although other common flowers such as roses, carnations, peonies and chrysanthemums share the same basic anatomy, they are perhaps too ruffly. Parting those floral skirts to get at what lies beneath might be a bit challenging to the amateur botanist voyeur. So let’s consider the simple lily, a big, brash beauty.
The flowers are large, often fragrant, and come in a range of colours including whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds and purples. Markings include spots and brush strokes.

The rosa oriental lily is a long stem: 70-80 cm.
A finecut is made up of: 10 branches (approx. 20-25 flowers).

❀ Have a look on our care instructions to learn how to take care of your finecut.