The finecut quality

Finecuts are standing for a high quality both in terms of lastingness and visual appearance. We source our products with a careful awareness.

The plants are cultivated and we obtain them directly from high-quality growers, depending on seasonal availability. All varieties we offer in our shop or installed has been hand-picked by us with a great professional care. Also, every chance we get, we seek for Hungarian suppliers, and endeavour to test novelties from inside and outside Hungary, first-hand. Flowers are naturally occurring products, so there can be a slight size and colour variation throughout the season.


“Cut only if needed” The cut flowers are sourced directly only after you place your order in the webshop and not the other way around. This way we can avoid storing and cooling (or warming, if the bulbs need a warm-up to hatch) tremendous amounts of flowers that we can not deliver. This also explains also why we can not guarantee you an asap delivery.

“Growing aesthetics” Finecut flowers and greens are cultivated but they are not preserved (with chemicals) therefore we can guarantee they stay fresh up to a week if cared for. As cut flowers unfold and reach the extent of their beauty, their aesthetics is growing with it. Cut plants offer a changing elegance and a different look every day after you place them in water.

“No waste” We managed to reach a zero waste operation by producing no additional, non-recyclable waste through our work process. All the green waste that we leave behind is being composted and re-purposed. Finecuts, including the packaging, are 100% biodegradable, free of synthetic dyes, and are animal friendly.