Our Story

We enough of the sticky, monotonous routine we have practiced for years and went down on memory lane and to call back all the lovely and joyful things that made us happy when we were children.

Being outside ‘en plein air’, surrounded by cultivated greens, feeling the genius of the vegetation and the light that bulbs and blooms could give us meant the ultimate love and a sense of well-feeling. This is where we are home, this is where we feel integrity. And this is what we want to share with you through finecut.

Finecut is the brainchild and the greatest passion of ours. Both holding a degree in landscape architecture, we teamed up on a grey winter afternoon in December 2015, and out of a sudden, finecut came into being.

Your vegetation at need, our motto, stands for the stability and groundedness lying in simple, eternal values. We like to live a life that isn’t ruled by loud colors, sharp edges or unnecessary details and is also free of distraction and excess. This sense of nude purity to us is the mere nature we fell in love with. A great bunch of finecut!