About Finecut

Finecut is a new-fashioned flower delivery service. We deliver nude bunches, all made up of a fixed number of stems (5 to 25 stems / bunch).

Our expertise is in finely assorted cut flowers, lush leaves and spectacular branches for your everyday life, office culture and celebratory occasions.

Finecut is a naturally beautiful, low-key solution to get yourself a super fitting design and a loveable result, for an instant nourishment and a lasting delight. All sourced with awareness. Use our floral goods boldly or just enjoy the clean, raw appeal they offer naturally.

As a design approach, we allow the flowers to do what they do best: to offer you a naked, unpolished, growing aesthetic. We wish not to define how to shape your vegetation, you’ll find that out for yourself. What we give away through a finecut is the pure joy of discovery and the art of making.

Keep your things simple, stand out and get yourself a finecut.