About Finecut

Finecut is a niche plant delivery service that reflects modern social changes, focusing on the relationship of urban citizens and nature. We deliver cut flora (fresh cut flowers, foliage and branches) and potted plants, we create site-specific installations and fulfil special requests.

Our expertise is in finely assorted cut flowers, lush leaves and spectacular branches for your everyday life, office culture, and celebratory occasions. We also create a welcoming environment for guests in hotels, restaurants, bars and other venues and events all around Budapest.

Finecut is a naturally beautiful, low-key solution to get yourself a super fitting design and a loveable result, for an instant nourishment and a lasting delight. All sourced with awareness. Use our floral goods boldly or just enjoy the clean, raw appeal they offer naturally.

As a design approach, we allow the flowers to do what they do best: to offer you a naked, unpolished, growing aesthetic. We wish not to define how to shape your vegetation, you’ll find that out for yourself. What we give away through a finecut is the pure joy of discovery and the art of making.

Keep your things simple, stand out and get yourself a finecut.