5.000 Ft

A beautiful climber.

Monsteras are native to the tropical regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. Today, the fruit grows throughout Central and South America, Australia, select parts of the Mediterranean such as Italy’s coastline. Today it is commonly grown for interior decoration in public buildings and as a houseplant. Young plants have leaves that are smaller and entire without lobes or holes but soon produce lobed and fenestrate leaves.

Common names include fruit salad plant, fruit salad tree (in reference to its edible fruit, which tastes similar to a fruit salad), ceriman, Swiss cheese plant (or just cheese plant), split-leaf philodendron, monster fruit, monsterio delicio, monstereo, Mexican breadfruit, locust and wild honey, windowleaf, balazo, and Penglai banana.

The cheeseplant leaf is a medium sized stem: 40-60 cm.
A finecut is made up of 5 leaves.

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